The West River Improvement Association (WRIA)
the Shady Side Peninsula Association (SSPA)

Two oyster bars will be built in areas that are current or former lease-holds or in restricted areas in the West River.

Citizens in the West River community would establish individual oyster gardens under the direction of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to provide new one-year old oysters to the oyster bars in the coming years.

The objectives of this project are:

The POWeR Committee

Stephen Gauss DJ Springuel
Linda Andreasen Cel Petro
Mary Tod Winchester Richard Crenshaw

POWeR Final Report to the funding agencies - 2006
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Press Release

West River Oyster Restoration Project Funded

The Chesapeake Bay Trust has awarded a grant for oyster restoration in the West River to the Shady Side Peninsula Association and the West River Improvement Association. The grant of $12,550 partially funds a two-year project that will include oyster gardening and establishing several oyster sanctuaries.

Not so long ago, Three Sisters, Potato Hill, and Collins Flats were familiar place names in southern Anne Arundel County. These places are mostly unfamiliar to us now. They were the names of productive oyster bars in and at the mouth of the West River.

Since the 1800s the Bay has produced hundreds of millions of bushels of oysters-the largest oyster harvest in the world. In 1887 alone, twenty-four million bushels of oysters were harvested from the Chesapeake. The record low harvest of 80,000 bushels occurred in 1993-94, and the catch for the current season is looking equally poor. Disease, sediment, and fishing have reduced harvest.

Establishing new oyster reefs and sanctuaries is one of the paths to restoring the Chesapeake. Besides producing oysters that filter and clean the Bay's waters, oyster reefs are lively places, providing habitat for other species like fish, crabs and grass shrimp.

There will be many opportunities for both children and adults around the River to learn more about oysters and the Bay and to participate in building and maintaining the reefs, oyster gardening and many other activities. For more information contact: West River Improvement Association: Cel Petro, 410-867-7050